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Travel Safe

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**Winner in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards for best utility app. **Honorable mention in the 2014 Anthill SMART100 awards.
**Listed by as one of the best emergency travel apps.
Stay safe with Travel Safe - the ultimate worldwide emergency application - designed to keep you safe.
Safety is crucial - and there’s no excuse to be vulnerable to incidents in the 21st century. So, we deployed a safeguard on something that more than one billion of us own - our smartphones. Travel Safe is a new app that is designed to act as a personal safeguard - it puts you just one touch away from emergency services and other important contacts - so that you can be safe, wherever you go.
Travel Safe can connect you to emergency services within just five seconds of opening the app - better yet, it automatically detects your location and brings up the right information when you need it. Travel Safe can be used in any emergency; medical, motor, fire, natural and everything in-between. You are only ever a heartbeat away from crucial phone numbers - and just one tap away from calling or messaging the details of any emergency.
Add personal contacts and notify your friends and family of an incident if one was ever to occur. Our app builds a smart, concise message that can be sent in any situation - it minimizes the response time, getting help to you faster than ever.
Whether you are overseas, or flying somewhere hostile - Travel Safe is perfect for your security. SOS signals can be efficient, but Travel Safe provides you with the most portable solution to personal safety.
Travel Safe is easy to use, and can be used by anybody. This ensures that if you can’t report the emergency, someone else will do it for you with an app that minimizes fuss, and stress in a time of panic. Just set some information before embarking on any journey and let Travel Safe take care of the rest.
Stay connected, stay prepared - Stay Safe - the worldwide tool for staying protected and connected.
- Smart messaging system with accurate location information and other important details.- The quintessential tool for any emergency. - 999, 911, 112: every emergency phone number, available at your fingertips. - Personal contacts for quick access (ICE). - Easy to use, fast and fluid.- No ads and no in-app purchases required
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